The City of Whitehorse is a Grade 1 standard Pipe Band, based in Nunawading, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The band is led by Pipe Major George Shepherd and Drum Sergeant Olav Goud, and is NOT a member of the Victorian Highland Pipe Band Association.

The band re-formed in 2014 with it's first practice in July 2014.  With a strong drive and commitment, within 6 months they competed in their first competition at the Daylesford Highland Gathering, in country Victoria, Australia.

In 2014/15 the band competed enjoyed some good successes in its first year, winning all three of the contests it entered.

The band was looking forward to challenging for a Grade 2 Worlds title when unexpectedly they were promoted to Grade 1 in July 2015, after just 3 contests and beating only one other band. Although the rules of the association state bands will have an opportunity to be a heard and make their case, it was clear that for Whitehorse it was a done deal. It was clear at that point that the bands goals and aspirations did not seem to have the support of their association. 

The band members rose two the challenge and embraced the premature Grade 1 promotion and won all the contests they entered including the Grade 1 Victorian Championships.

The band were allowed to competed in the MSR element at the 2016 Australian Championships. They did play an amazing Medley too, but the judges did not come out to judge them, the band were informed they had broken sanctions that had previously been applied (although the band itself had had no formal notification of this or what penalties would be). Subsequently every member of the band received a letter informing them the whole band had now been banned from the association and that individually they were no longer members.

The band needed a break from all of this and announced it was all over in late 2016.

This week however, the second week in February 2017 saw a change in the mindset, so despite a week of doom and gloom for the Australian Pipe Band scene, we are pleased to announce the resurgence of the Whitehorse through the ashes with our comeback concert named "Equum Resurgere"


"Equum Resurgere" - Planned for the 3rd quarter this year -  it's sure to be an epic show. Stay tuned !

  • The band is not a member of any Australian association, any currently competing piper and drummer is welcome to join us for the concert and enjoy the immense tone that the band has become known for.
  • Practices are hard work and great fun and really rewarding.
  • Perhaps you might learn a thing about sheepskin and cane


Practices dates: to be announced

Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can find us on  Facebook